Do Epic Shit. Just Because You Can.

I want to attempt a running marathon, I really do, but sense got through to me this morning, just in time to stop me signing up for the Berlin Mara next September. My knees are shot, I know that and, with a possible exception for the GNR, my long distance running efforts are over.


So what now? I’ll be your lycra-wearing, sausage-resembling, truffle-shuffling, cycling-moaning friend instead. That’s an image, but let me assure you the IRL picture is so much worse that the picture you have in your mind.

But, I don’t care. Me, my fat ass, talc and chaff cream will have some fun with this one.

My 2018 challenge has just been upped. I had signed up to Ride London (100 miles) for Anthony Nolan and Team Margot but that doesn’t seem enough to me so I have committed, and signed up, to cycling one thousand kilometres instead and, the other Charity very close to my heart, Retrak will now also benefit from this years endeavours.


My calendar is now pretty full on (and that’s without fitting in a “cycle to work”):

  • 11th March – 123km
  • 29th April – 100km
  • 13th May – 115km
  • June – Taking the month off so double beasting in July to make up for it.
  • 15th July – 128km
  • 29th July – 161km
  • 15th & 16th September – 322km
  • 23rd September – 75km
  • 30th September – 88.5km
  • 7th October – 145km

Your support, as ever, will be much needed. I am so very grateful and incredibly thankful for the awesome people around me. Hints, tips, shares, RT’s, encouragement, banter, despair, mocking, expletives, abuse PLUS donations (both of the cash variety and of your stem cells), are appreciated and most welcome.


Why am I doing this? Because I can. One day I, or those nearest to me, may need the help of these epic charities. If I am willing to accept their help, I should also be prepared to give it.

If you would like to, you are able to follow my adventures on Twitter @pubdonna on Instagram @pubdonna on Facebook, and on my blog, 

Thank you X


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