Embracing the new world of work – what does this mean for you? #cipdACE17

This year celebrates the CIPD’s 70th Annual Conference and Exhibition and is entitled: Embracing the new world of work.

What does this mean for you?

Is it about prepping for the day Alexa rules the world or are you more concerned with the ever changing socio-political drama that is unfolding?

Perhaps, more specifically, you are wondering how to move away from some policy and process stuff (thinking, but not restricted to, how you approach flex working and appraisal) into a more dynamic and continuous way of working?

What do people even want from their workplace, both now and in the future, anyway? Have you asked? and by that, I don’t mean have you done a survey.

Do you want to move away from the annual appraisal to offering more continuous feedback? What works for your people and organisation that you are prepared to share with others?

What are your thoughts on intent-based leadership? Designing an environment where people give intent to each other. Where people feel valued and proud of their work. Does it help to offer an understanding into how they fit into the whole organisation and its objectives?

Should the office be a playground, with beanbags and whiteboards, PlayStations and contemplation spaces?

How has technology enhanced your work-space, or not, and is that “new world”, or just evolution?

How do organisations move away from old skool absence management to a more holistic well-being strategy? What’s in your toolkit already?

How does your organisation connect HR, Finance, Operations and business leaders to achieve success?

What will designing more agile organisational structures and ways of working do for people where you work?

So many questions and they do not even scratch the surface. For me, embracing the new world of work isn’t a new thing but it is all about being open to change, and adapting where you need to. Recognising what was, changing what doesn’t work, championing success, not being scared to try something new, to not trying anything at all, will help shape a future of work that actually works for everyone.


I will be blogsquadding at this year’s ACE along with an epic bunch of people people and would love to chat, capture your thoughts or interview you for my blog if you are heading to ACE in November. Tickets are still available here and the Exhibition pass is FREE! So much ACEness to be had. If you would be be up for a brew, compulsory cake and a chat, please do let me know either via Twitter @pubdonna or call / text 07880 198 348. Thank you!

Peter Cheese assures us that this year’s ACE “has been designed to give you everything you need to strive and thrive in an ever-changing world of work, but also to create the best possible outcomes for organisations, people and wider society”. I look forward to seeing you there.






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