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In May, I updated you all with my failed running efforts. I completed 50% of my charity challenge but having to admit defeat, to not fulfil my promise, is something that has preyed on my mind ever since.

The ace news? A very kind, anonymous soul, donated over £600 to help me achieve my £5000 fundraising target for 2017. It took the pressure off me, they knew that, and I am so grateful to have such awesome people around me. What I didn’t expect it to do was drive me on to do something even more crazy than a couple of half marathons, and aspire to finish a full.

It’s like I’ve become obsessed. Obsessed with doing more for others than I ever imagined I was capable of. Obsessed with challenging my body to do stuff that, on paper, this lardy arse shouldn’t be able to complete. Obsessed with watching, in awe, the epic athletes who are currently showing the world what pushing yourself, both mentally and physically, can achieve.

I was sat here, watching Mo Farah’s 10000m, thinking how hard that distance is for me. I was awestruck at Mo’s determination to do what he had set his mind to. I can relate to that. Which is why I’m going again.

My knees are not made for running and the idea of anything over 10k is now a pipe dream. Unless I bag a ballot place in the London Marathon in 2018, then gammy knees or not, I’ll be there.

I have been pondering, since I binned off the running in May, what else I can do. My friend and ex-colleague, Richard Bradford, last week cycled London to Surrey. 100 miles on a bike to raise funds to buy a fully automated wheelchair for his daughter, Megan. Megan is 14 and was diagnosed with Friedrech’s Ataxia 10 months ago. Megan is already dependant on a wheelchair and has been told that her condition seems far more aggressive than had been suggested. Richard’s Ride London  inspired me.

I may not be able / advised to run long distance anymore but that doesn’t mean I can do nothing.

So I’ve signed up. Ride London 2018 is the first major challenge that I am setting my sights on.

This ride will be for Anthony Nolan and Team Margot. Readers of my blog will know just how important these two charities are to me.

So, today I ran to the bike shop and back. Only 2.8 miles (and my knees hate me for it) but it’s a start. I will not give in. There will always be something I can do. I have a bucket list to tick off. Not for me, but for what I can do for others:

  • Giving to help others. However I can.
  • Donate my stem cells –  Over 37,000 worldwide need a stem cell transplant. But first, they need a donor. I’ve registered, will you?
  • Raise awareness and money to help Anthony Nolan, Team Margot & Retrak continue their awesome, life-saving work.
  • Work with organisations to transform highly vulnerable children’s lives, preserve families, empower communities and give each of them a voice.
  • Mentor and coach people to help improve employability skills, boost confidence, and get people on the path to employment.

If I can do any one of these things, my bucket list is complete.


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6 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Go for it Donna, you are such an aspirational woman. I’m even Putting together a few new challenges of my own!
    Remember the mind is the limit, if you can envision that you can do it, you will do it.

    Look forward to your up dates xx

  2. arrr so proud of ya….well done….im.hoping to do a full i must be mad hahaha good luck babes i know u will smash these goals or die tryin! your a true inspiration i am in awe 💗😗

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