I’m down. Almost out. But not quite.

I thought I should write something and update you all.
I have no idea what’s going to come but here goes.
Firstly, thank you. Thank you, thank you for all of your support. Your words of encouragement, shares of my posts, blogs and tweets, and donations mean the world to me. In doing this, you have supported so many people, saved many lives. That is an awesome thing to do. You rock!
Secondly, I completed the Rotary Stratford Half Marathon on 7th May. Just. I went into this run knowing my knee and hip were pretty well done in and, having rested since the injury from the Coventry Half Marathon on 19th March, it was probably a stupid thing to even attempt it. But hey, that’s me. I said I would do something and I hold myself to account to do what I say I will do. I finished. I raised awareness and funds for the awesome Retrak Charity. That’s the good part.
I went to work on the Monday after in real pain. Not with my already gammy knee and hip but pain in my left knee. It is fair to say that it wasn’t resembling a normal knee but I strapped it up, dosed up on ibuprofen and codeine and cracked on.
I’m very lucky to work for the most caring soul and I was sent to the quacks across the road from our office for help. Clearly, my self-medicating wasn’t working and I was properly struggling. 30 minutes later I am told that I have Patella Tendonitis and if I continued with long distance running I would most likely permanently damage my knee. I was given some pretty special meds and a couple of days later the swelling passed. The pain has not.
I am nearly two weeks on and it’s not really improved as I would have hoped. I can walk normally, which is ace, but the pressure I feel behind my knee, the pain and tension I feel when I’ve been sat for a period of time, during a meeting for example, is marginally better but still causing real concern. It feels like it’s going to snap.
I’ve made the call not to run the actual races for the Simplyhealth Great North Run for Anthony Nolan and Birmingham International Marathon for Team Margot. I am gutted. I haven’t been able to fulfil my promise. What I have decided is that I will still complete the distance but over a period of time instead of “on the day”. What that looks like yet, I have no idea.
I now need your help with ideas. What else can I do? I am toying with some stuff but, if I’m honest, they are boring. I need something to stretch myself. I can deal with pain and suffering, ideally without any long term damage.
The hilarious part. I entered the ballot for London Marathon 2018. Part of me hopes I don’t get in now because I know that if I do, I’ll be lining up next April whatever.
I will hit my target if it kills me, but I’d rather it didn’t.
Finally, thank you for being here and for being brilliant. Big loves X

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3 thoughts on “I’m down. Almost out. But not quite.

  1. Canoeing trek?
    Climb a mountain?
    Walk cov to London?
    Abssail down the shard?
    Walk over the dome London
    Wingwalk…..this is marks dream!

    I am so proud of you you always go above and beyond you will conquer whatever you do 😗😗😗

  2. As Boris Becker has been saying to Andy Murray lately “You only have one body and it needs rest”. I see how much you want to deliver on your promises, Donna, but don’t try to do that at the expense of serious life-changing injury. Walk the distance. Swim?

    From your earlier blogs, I believe you don’t enjoy running anyway? I am a rubbish jogger but I do love it. My knees are cranky but seem to be unaffected by jogging. But, I havent been trying the distances you have been doing.

    The challenges you took on were to raise money. Lots of other ways to do that.

    With all your guts and savvy, you will find a way.

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