I need you now more than ever

In 9.5 hours time, I will cross the start line and begin the first of my 3 halfs and 1 full marathon of 2017.

To be honest, I’m feeling very nervous. No, that doesn’t quite cut it. I am shitting myself. I don’t know why because I know I can now run the required distance, just.

13.1 miles. It’s a lot. Prior to January 1st, I’d have driven the .1! So why am I so nervous? Because I need to know that I am helping, to make a difference, doing something good. This is not about money, This is about helping to build a comprehensive stem cell register in the UK.



And if you thought that was disappointing, the equivalent UK number is less than 1.7%.

Team Margot wishes to see it increase significantly, initially to 4% of the UK population.

Why 4% ?

Because that’s roughly how many blood donors there are in the UK and joining the stem cell registry only takes a few minutes, your DIY kit can be requested online (with either Anthony Nolan or Delete Blood Cancer UK) & the registration process doesn’t need to involve a needle !

For someone like me, who dislikes running with a passion, who finds it incredibly hard going, both physically and mentally, I need to ask you all for your help to see me through this run and over the finish line. How can you do this? By encouraging people to register as a potential stem cell donor.

Tomorrow, I run a half marathon for this adorable little girl. This is Margot.

margot 4

For those of you who read my blog, you will be aware of why I’m challenging myself to do something I neither like nor enjoy.

Sir Richard Branson captured it perfectly when he said in his blog:

“In 2014, Margot was one of 2,000 people in the UK in desperate need of a life saving bone marrow / stem cell transplant and she desperately needed a donor with a matching tissue type.

Awareness of the need for more donors is poor, which is astonishing when you consider that every 35 seconds, someone in the world is diagnosed with blood cancer.

Increasingly, bone marrow transplants are being used as life saving solutions for more than just blood disorders, so there is and will continue to be an ever increasing need for stem cell / bone marrow donors.


At the core of what Team Margot is about is “giving to help others”, and when we say “giving”, in this context we don’t mean giving money; instead, we mean giving, literally, a part of ourselves for the sake of others, hopefully to help save a life.

Often, people don’t know how to give and sometimes, the mere thought seems quite scary and frightening. Which is why we signpost where to go on teammargot.com, explain what’s involved, and encourage people to register.

Of course, giving in this way is a commitment, but as Margot’s mother, Vicki says: “if you’d be prepared to accept a donation of any kind, then you should be prepared to give also.”

We’d like more people to think about that.”

If you read this blog because you follow my usual ramblings, or see this via Twitter, FB or any other social media, please commit to doing one thing:

Help me raise awareness by sharing Margot’s story:

Sign up to becoming a potential stem cell donor here and encourage just one more to do the same.

If you are not eligible to sign up, please share Margot’s story and encourage your friends and family to help save the life of another.

If you would rather donate cash to help Team Margot continue their worldwide campaign to encourage people to sign up to become a stem cell donor, you can do so here.

Thank you.

I’ll see you at the finish line X

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