How a little run became 13.1

I am super proud of me today. My planned little run of up to 5 miles, having not ran since last Sunday, turned into 13.1 miles. I’m still not sure how it happened or why, but it felt right so I went with it.

Until 3 miles in.

I am running the route for the Coventry Half Marathon 2017 so I can be better acquainted with what it expects of me 2 weeks tomorrow. It doesn’t matter whether I do 3.1 miles, 6.2 miles or 13.1 miles on my training runs, they all help, both physically and mentally.

So, after Simba very kindly decided that my 5.30am alarm calls Monday to Friday weren’t enough to warrant me a lie in, off I went for my little run.

At 2.5miles, I felt a twinge in my belly. Oh, no. Not now. There wasn’t anywhere to go so I tried to push it to the back of my mind. It didn’t work. A detour back home and I carried on. I’d love to know how to deal with the “Lineker moments” – if anyone has any tips, they will be gratefully received. Suggestions of “dog shit bags and wipes” will not be. Just saying.

I felt OK to 5.5 miles then a massive lull hit and I really struggled to 7 miles. I may as well have been walking. I did bring an ISO with me but I was wary of having it because of the big high and massive crash I felt after taking it last week. What I learned is that I drank it at the wrong time last week. My body didn’t need it 1hr. It most certainly did at 1.20 this week.

What a difference it made. My comparison came at the point when I threw in the towel last Sunday and bodded home. I thought about it, I’ll be honest, but I cracked on through and picked up the pace. Until I thought I was going to keel over and slowed it down again.

The Radford Rd hill at 10miles….I wanted to cry. I walked up it. In a car, it’s no bother, and a bit of an incline. After 10 miles, it felt like Mt Sinai!

My playlist has been awesome at keeping me going today. At the times when I was running on empty, a tune would kick in that evoked memories, both great and sad, and I pushed that bit harder. At the top of Radford Rd, The Wonder Stuff came on with Don’t Let Me Down (Gently) and I got very emotional. I was reminded why I am running these 4 half marathons and the big 26.2 – I was not, and will not be, letting any of the amazing charities down who I am running for. It’s just not an option. I pushed harder. My splits were coming down to the 9:30’s and I felt invincible. Approaching the last mile, I bumped into Paul Curtis and his “G’WAN HEWITSON, G’WAN” spurred me on to the end.


13.1 miles. I was ruined. I ached. I had a little cry. I walked the 2 miles home.

App central had me at 2:08:07. I’m not sure I believe them but it gives me a good level of insight about what I need to do differently on 19th March if I want to get close to that kind of time. I’ll line up again, formally this time, and I’ll be running my heart out for Team Margot.

Please help me, help Team Margot, by registering to become a stem cell donor. You are unique. You have the potential to save someone’s life with the swab of a cheek. has all the details and can help to answer any questions you have.


Thank you X

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