Eyes on #covhalf – 3 weeks to go

Today, I wanted to get “eyes on” and see the course for my first half marathon of the year, the Coventry Half Marathon. My initial plan was to run it and set a time. I picked up the first running belt I came across, one I haven’t used before by Kalenji Running, chucked in a couple of ISO’s, an emergency tenner (well, you never know when you’re going to need a cab home or an urgent food stop), my phone, house keys and set off.

First, I popped into Mum & Dad’s to drop something off and only when I was into my first mile that I realised I’d left my water bottle in their kitchen. It was going to be one of those runs, wasn’t it?

It was immediately apparent that the running belt was going to be a royal pain in the arse. No matter how tight I made it, it became loose and rose upwards to become a boob bag. Attractive!


Having forgotten my water bottle, I called into a shop and broke my emergency tenner for a bottle of water. Not any old water for sale here, oh no, they sold Glaceau Smart Water. It’s vapour distilled, don’t you know, with added electrolytes. It’s pish, is what it is. The most cheap and nasty cap on it which meant there was more Smart Water leaking from the bottle & hydrating the pavement than my body. Not that “smart”, eh? (same could be said of me for buying it in the first place)


3.5 miles into the route, I threw a paddy and took a detour back to our house and picked up my trusty Spibelt UK running belt. It really does make such a difference, it’s brilliant!


Mile 5, an hour in, I still wasn’t happy in my head. It’s amazing how tiny things can knock you off course; silly-water-&-running-belt-gate have a lot to answer for. I’ll try the new ISO gel to perk me up, I thought. I wish I hadn’t.


I plodded on, and that’s really how it felt until, 8.8 miles in, it became really windy and I started to feel quite cold. I was done. I walked another 2 miles, convinced myself that I knew where the finish line was and I turned off course at the next junction to head home.


Post run, it took an age to get warm again; hot shower, PJ’s, dressing gown and blanket, filling my face with a huuuuge omelette, heating turned up to 25, yet still it was nearly 2hrs later before I felt normal.


Leg wise, I know I’ve been for a long run. I’m not broken and I’m quite happy with the time, considering all of the distractions / detours I made. This is my last run until next weekend. I thought I’d be able to put in a few smaller runs post work but, the reality is, by the time I get back from London, catch up with hubby and have dinner, I just want my bed. Perhaps that will change over time, maybe not so I’m planning for a weekend of training; small run on the Saturday, long run on Sunday.

My first race for charity is 3 weeks today. On 19th March, I run to raise awareness for Team Margot.

Team Margot
One of 3 charities I raise awareness & money for. http://www.teammargot.com

If I can ask all of you to please do one thing to keep me going? Please visit this link to see how you could help to save a life by registering as a stem cell / bone marrow donor. Then, once you have registered, please encourage just one more person to do the same.

If you are outside of the UK, please see the details here on how to register internationally

Thank you x


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