#LnDCoWork – A gateway to new, meaningful, connections

Last year I had the great pleasure of rocking up to #LnDCoWork. This was something that I had seen being shared on Twitter and, having set out on my own in the freelancing world, I decided to board a train to London and see what it was all about.

What is #LnDCoWork?

It started off as an idea to get freelancers away from the loneliness of home working to come together to work. For me, having spent all of my working career in the company of others, whether that be in the office, regular HR / Ops meetings or in a variety of the pubs, bars and restaurants I supported, it was more than alien to find myself alone. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my own company, I’m a hoot, but I still found that I was getting bored of just me all the time.

My new working life was so varied but the vast majority could be completed at home. This, in itself, was in stark contrast to my previous working life.

I was still being strategic, still attending meetings, albeit some remotely, designing L&D, getting the ball rolling on recruitment and dealing with most of the employment law challenges my clients faced. I was also facilitating and delivering learning; wahoo, a road trip. Leaving the house. These were the highlights of my week…being able to engage and interact with others. What I wasn’t doing, outside of initial client meetings, was sharing my thoughts, bouncing ideas and chewing the fat with people. I crave this more than you might think. I need human interaction; too keep me sane, to challenge my ways of working to help me with solutions to problems, to see a friendly face that isn’t my husband or one of my 4 cats. I have, however, over the last 18 months, become fluent in cat speak!

#LnDCoWork provided me with all I needed. A balance.

The opportunity to collaborate, share, talk or just work has now expanded into the North. I live in Coventry so I am perfectly placed to be able to attend either London or Manchester #LnDCoWork days. Tomorrow, I head North. I will be able to meet, in real life, some of the most awesome people who I am very thankful to have interacted with on Twitter over the last few years. People who are brilliant at what they do, people I who learn from, people who make me think, people who make me feel uncomfortable (in a good way), people I enjoy chewing the fat with.

If you have a passion for people, learning and development or all the awesome stuff people people do, please consider joining us.

If you are on Twitter, check out the #LnDCoWork. If you’re not, connect with Julie Drybrough and Rachel Burnham for the Manchester event or for London, where it all started, Michelle Parry-Slater and Fiona McBride are the very brilliant people you need to contact.

Thank you Michelle and Fiona for making such a difference to my working life. Freelancing, I’m learning, is an awesome place to do brilliant people stuff whilst still reaping the benefits of being surrounded by exceptional, sharing, souls who are ready, willing and able to help, and challenge, you any way they can.

See you next time for #LnDCoWork in London, Manchester or wherever it may be. I’ll be there.

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