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#ConnectingHRAfrica – Day 5

What a contrast to how I felt yesterday. This morning, we used our skills to deliver leadership development and coaching to the senior management team of Retrak Uganda. An afternoon of 121’s followed. What an experience!


The day started with an introduction to everyone in Retrak’s Head Office followed by a brew, ginger nuts and a banana. I’d skipped breakfast because there wasn’t anything left that I fancied so I was chuffed to see biccies and fruit.

The board room was rammed; not a seat to be had. No pressure, then.


Ian kicked us off and we broke into pairs to discuss the range of leadership challenges that the team were experiencing. I was with Timothy, Centre Manager for Clubhouse, and he is one of the most inspiring individuals whom I have ever met. A social worker by trade, Timothy has progressed his career into management yet, like in the UK, not everyone is trained or prepared for a senior leadership role. You do what you know, with what you have, but to be truly progressive and developmental you need to know how and why. You don’t know what you don’t know, after all.

We reconvened (we were late because we were having such a quality conversation) and fed back to the rest of the team. Captured on flip-chart, the Retrak team had a coffee whilst we discussed the range of topics and the sessions that we could facilitate which may offer thinking, have impact then stimulate action after we have left Kampala.


Our session came together quickly:

  • Ian led on Resilience
  • Amy & Lisa shared approaches for giving Feedback (a role play with Sophie and myself included)
  • Teamwork and Values-Based Leadership was delivered by Alice
  • GROW Model facilitated by Kate
  • We wrapped up the session demonstrating the impact of appreciation
  • Lunch
  • 121’s
  • Our on-going commitment to support and help

Group discussion, practise, exercises, role plays, positive and honest conversation. So much happened in that room is such a short space of time. We thought on our feet, we winged it a bit but, most importantly, our combined skill-set enabled us to facilitate a session, delivering without so much as a lesson plan or a slide deck (it’s the future!) and had a massive impact on the Retrak team. And on us, if I’m honest.

It got me thinking. How much time to do I put into planning, problem-solving, coming up with new ways of doing the same old stuff.; the basics? When it came to it today, we didn’t do anything clever, special, jazz-handsy or over-complicated. We asked the team what they wanted to be better at and drew on our own experiences, our combined ability, to be brilliantly resourceful. What an amazing impact it had on all of us.


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