WE Will Make a Difference

I never thought this day would arrive but it has, it’s here, and I’m about to share in this life-changing experience with the most fabulous group of people.

The man behind this, who has brought the 10 of us together, is Ian Pettigrew. THANK YOU!

I feel so blessed to be sharing this experience with all of you; Ian Pettigrew, Alice Cowell, Amy Littlefair, Helena Hounslow, Hils Wilcox, Kate Griffiths-Lambeth, Katrina Collier, Lisa Leighton and Sophie Tothill.

Ian’s vision for our trip is is simple: to put the talents and resources of the team to great work to help street children.

As a team, we have committed to raising £20,000 and we all have our own individual fundraising pages. If anyone would like to donate to the whole team (I totally get that we are all part of the same circle / network and some people haven’t donated because they didn’t want to pick one person), the GREAT news is you can donate to the team here.

I’ve shared with you over the last 141 days, since I received the call to say that my application to join the #ConnectingHRAfrica Team was successful, the reasons why I applied, how I feel, what I hope to achieve, the crazy activities I’ve done / am doing to raise awareness and funds to support Retrak with their life-changing work.

141 days that has made me realise a number of things:

  • The work that Retrak do REALLY does positively changes lives  – this trip alone will help 50 children. 50. Take a moment to think about that. Remarkable.
  • How much super work such a small team achieves – I was fortunate enough to visit Retrak HQ and was taken aback by how so few people do so much. I have seen how challenging it is, how hard you work for a cause you all really believe in. You guys rock!
  • How hard it is to fund-raise
  • I really do hate heights
  • and flying
  • and running – my knees hate this part. I quite enjoy it
  • The support of a group of like-minded people is immeasurable
  • The generosity of so many; people I know, some I don’t, my clients, companies I’ve never worked with (yet)
  • Not everyone cares about what we / I am doing
  • Don’t count on people who say they will support you to actually do so
  • The love and support of my friends and family has got me to this day. When I have my next crazy idea, I can count on them to be behind me. Always.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have supported, encouraged, donated and been there for me during this roller-coaster experience. And it’s only just about to begin.

I’m feeling a bit more than a tad emotional. Connecting HR Africa is going to happen and the HR Community have come together. WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.



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