One thing’s for certain, I’ll land it

I’ve raised £1500 in the last 3 months. That is almost 50% of the way to smashing my target. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. To each and every single one of you who has donated, you have melted my heart. There has been so much angst of late yet your faith in humanity is strong.

In 19 days, I will be launched from a “plane”, what is essentially a matchbox with wings, at 10,000ft. This is a glimpse of what I can expect. I can guarantee you now, my video won’t be fit for publication.

How do I feel about lobbing myself, no scrap that, being lobbed from a monumental height with only the trust in a giant nylon hanky, and the person steering it, to save me? There is no other way to describe it, and I don’t mince my words, I am shitting myself.

Planes, for me, are like boats. I need a chill pill before I climb aboard. I don’t know what it is that makes me feel so twitchy about being propelled through the air in a metal tube….I should have faith in the engineering behind it. It’s trusted. Safe. I do it often enough but there are still times when I burst into tears on take off for no logical reason.

The boat thing? I blame Jaws. Plain and simple.

So why do it?

Because I can, and should, face my fears. It is all too easy to shy away from something we don’t want to do, people we don’t want to see,  that social gathering with that person that always causes trouble when they’ve had one too many, work we don’t enjoy, that news story that is causing untold pain and suffering to another human being. It is easy to pass, make your excuses, flick the channel over. Pretend it’s not happening.


A year ago, I had a moment. One that defined the path I took next. With it, a realisation that, no-matter how busy, happy, stroppy, stressed, knackered or needy I am, there are other humans on this earth who need our care, love, support and attention far more than we need it ourselves. I made a commitment to myself then that, wherever and however I could, I would do what I could to help others.

For you wonderful readers of my blog, you will know that I am spending this year, and many more ahead, giving back. However I am able to. It started with being kind and finding time, then to FOC work, then to fundraising for two awesome charities.

I thought fundraising would be easier than it has been. How naive was I? I’ve tapped up friends and family, Tweeps have been awesome, local corporate support has been epic, as has my world of hospitality, with the genuine love, support and encouragement overwhelming. The generosity of strangers has been the most surprising and humbling experience I will likely face until I go to Africa in September.

It was clear I needed to do more. Surely an epic charity raffle with a Michelin starred lunch and wine, high street restaurant vouchers, actual cash, like proper reddies, Gin, Champs and Choccys would encourage donations?

Screenshot (84)

Or maybe a gruelling 10k obstacle race, ran by a wobbly, out of shape, lazy arse would generate enough humour and a £ for every person I know would be a done deal? In true X Factor style, the “Journey” I’ve been on from not even walking to the end of my road to almost dying on my first couch to 5k to the euphoria of my first 5k, then 10k, and a few since, has been a defining time for me. I’m still slow as a bus but I’m getting there. I will persevere. I’m a stubborn old boot. Today, I shaved another 2 minutes off my 10k. #Proudface.

This has generated over £1500. Say it. £1500. WOW! Your continued support is my motivation. You, yes you, have made this possible. I am close, so very close. But I still need to do more.

I have a new found respect and understanding of Charities. Prior to applying for #ConnectingHRAfrica, my experience of charity has been to set up a few direct debits ( and the Swimathon I did aged 12). It’s not and never will be enough.

It’s bloody hard to raise the funds needed to make a difference in this world. Really bloody hard. I’ve reached a milestone today. And I’m proud as punch that you helped me make this happen.

So what else can I do? I’m throwing myself open to the powers that be.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Well, yes, that.

“What if I don’t?” That question isn’t even in my vocabulary.

But me being me, I have faith. A strong belief in myself and confidence that I can. It’s not in doubt. One thing’s for sure, I will land it.

Thank you for your continued support.

If you would like to donate, or enter the raffle (entry is a £20 donation) you can do so here.

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