Wake Up. Be Awesome. Go Back To Bed.

Whether at work or at home, I follow this principal.

What is the point of trying to do anything else?

It’s not a given that we will be able to do the first. We should, it’s expected, unless we are deep into our Platinum Years (although, these days, we are living longer so it’s more like our Oak, Wine and Stone years). Why wouldn’t you maximise every moment and grasp every opportunity whilst having the most fun you possibly can?

You may live to work – you may work to live – you may be one of few who live to live.  A wise Sea Dog once captured the essence beautifully with the phrase “Live Your Life”. They used this approach in every aspect of life; believing that a positive, can-do attitude and approach can make a difference. Even a small one. It’s still a difference. By seeing the possibilities, taking every chance, enjoying the work you do, relishing the time spent with the people around you, having fun…it makes a difference! When things go wrong, or not according to plan, rather than say “I give up”, how about “What CAN I do?, What is WITHIN my control?, How CAN I influence this?”

It works. Try it.


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