What is your True North?

True North (geodetic north) differs from magnetic north (the direction a compass points toward the magnetic north pole).

Many books and articles have been written on discovering your personal True North. The Leadership Classic, Discover Your True North by Bill George is one such book that may help you discover your own.

We know that being a leader is about much more than your job title and what management skills you hold; you could call yourself the head of happy people; you’re still the HR Director and, guess what, your team may not all be happy. You may be amazing at delegation; some might still see you as a relentless task master. What should you be doing differently? It’s fundamentally a question of who we are.  As people. Human Beings. Do you do things right or do the right things?

Once you discover your true purpose, along with the direction that you want your business to be travelling, you’ll find the true leader inside you. You’ll be happy. Or, at the very least, content. Many of us work for years without finding our True North. Indeed, many of us work for years without any reasoning behind it except, I have to. Neil Morrison posted another of his great blogs this morning about the purpose of work and it got me thinking.

  • What is my purpose; my True North?
  • What am I doing to achieve it?
  • How am I aligning my True North to that of organisations I work for?

Once I have my answers, how I then choose to align them to my working life is likely to have an interesting outcome. Do I even want to? Hell yes!

The choice, however, is yours:

  • Work because you need to and find your purpose elsewhere


  • Enjoy the best of both worlds; find that perfect True North match with an employer.

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