Who are you kidding?

I had a wonderful, overdue, catch up up with a dear friend yesterday and was sad to hear that the job he had taken is not what he expected it to be.

The advert for the job was exciting:

  • ticked all of his boxes with the experience required
  • behaviourally, it sounded just like him
  • sold the company values well
  • the business operated in-line with his own moral compass

It sounded like the perfect job. How wrong it was.

The advert certainly attracted the right type of person, with the required skill set, BUT, and it’s a big BUT….the decision maker, senior leadership team, stakeholder, whatever you wish to call them operated in a fundamentally different way.

They did not have the same beliefs, did not role model the values slapped on the wall in reception and treated their employees with such contempt, no-one was happy. People feared the senior management. How is this the right way to lead, grow and develop a business? Do these people not question why turnover is through the roof (I assume it must be), productivity is, at best, average, reluctance / apprehension to get involved in company activities (if indeed there are any), or even, simply, why their team seem sad? Do they even care? Apparently not, in this case.

If we buy a car, a new coat, hire a contractor or a third party service and it doesn’t do what it advertised, there’s the Trades Description Act to fall back on.

How many employers would be reported if we had a similar service for companies falsely advertising jobs?

Ask yourself when you are writing your next advert:

  • is this a true reflection of your business?
  • are the Values part of your culture, or words on a wall?
  • does this job REALLY exist (or is it wishful thinking)?
  • who are you advertising for; the job-holder or the stakeholder?

If the role does not transpire to be “as advertised” the job-holder will leave. It’s inevitable. Your recruitment process starts again. Back to the drawing board with the advert. So before you post the next ad, save yourself some time (and money).

Read your own words and ask yourself “who am I kidding”?

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