Be THE, not A

Are you happy in your chosen profession? I mean, truly happy.

Does the level of happiness in our working lives impact on the ability to do a job?


Do you find yourself wishing you could be THE something in your field, rather than A something?

We strive to be the best that we can be but how we are perceived by others could make the difference between you being A or THE. Who wants to hire A builder to extend their house? You want THE builder. Who wants to hire A HR professional? You want to have THE HR professional.

This translates perfectly in retail and hospitality too. Anyone can go and have A pint or pop out for A burger.  

 A jack of all trades

burger & stuff

a master of none.

The more we see roles condensed, for example, the HR Business Partner; how often are we hoping that these people are a jack of all trades?


Is the organisation suffering with a lack of resource to fully master the specialist areas?

Being a Jack of all Trades isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Tim Ferriss wrote an intriguing post on the Top 5 Reasons to Be a Jack of All Trades

You can learn, adapt and even progress, but should you remain true to who you are, where you are happiest or is it now acceptable to compromise and become a jack of all trades and, over time, master them all?

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